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Exclusive Womb Offerings

Healing and nurturing the womb starts from within. The exclusive womb services provided are customized to meet the needs of each unique client. Together we will develop a plan that not only addresses any challenges, we will also celebrate the joys that allow you to dive deeper into rediscovering just how far you have already come to meeting your overall goals to a healthy mind, body and spirit. 

Virtual Holistic Fertility Coaching (Coming 2024)

Is your body ready for pregnancy and childbirth? Have you experienced challenges with fertility? Fertility & Preconception planning can help you and your partner understand how to boost your chances of conception and a healthy pregnancy. 

Holistic Fertility & Preconception coaching offers you a customized plan to assist you consciously approach fertility, conception and pregnancy. Incorporating the mind, body and spirit, we will discuss effective ways to fully connect with the entire body, reducing stress, as well as navigating holistic and medical options in attempt to ease the process. Incorporating the Seven Dimensions of Health, we will work together to discuss how to create the best environment, both internally and externally. You will receive a customized plan and resources to further assist you during your journey to parenthood. 

As a mom who struggled with infertility obstacles when trying to conceive my second child, I know all to well the twist and turns of the fertility journey.


I will be with you throughout the journey via email, text message, phone call and scheduled Zoom sessions. 


Virtual Pregnancy/ Birth Coaching 

As your pregnancy and birth coach, I will provide you with your own unique birth plan, empowering you (and your partner) to design the birth/pregnancy you most desire. We will incorporate all areas of your life when developing your plan to include, but not limited to: evidence-based maternal health information, trauma processing, maternity leave preparation, nutrition, exercise, emotional support, physical comfort measures, etc. 

I will be with you throughout the journey via email, text message, phone call and scheduled Zoom sessions. 


Virtual 4th Trimester (Postpartum) Coaching 

As your postpartum practitioner, I recognize the challenges that new parents face. You can depend on me as a confidant and coach that will tune into your needs as you navigate those first few weeks and months after your baby’s birth.

I will support you (and your partner) by offering evidenced-based information, on the postpartum period, nutrition, gentle exercise, herbal healing, as well as infant feeding, emotional and physical recovery from birth, bonding and attachment, infant soothing, and newborn care.

Additionally, I can incorporate spiritual practices and rituals to foster a holistic approach to healing. I will empower the whole family to recognize their inner strength and define what parenthood means to them.

The postpartum packages are customized for you and your needs, in an effort to ease the transition into parenthood and the new version of yourself.


Virtual Pregnancy & Infant Loss Coaching 

As a mom of 4 Angel babies, I understand the mix of emotions that comes along with loss. Whether it was an abortion, miscarriage, late loss or infant loss, the challenge of this journey to healing pulls on all of your strength. I will provide a safe environment  for you to tell your story and hold space for you.

These sessions will allow for us to gently and intentionally navigate through these unsettled waters toward healing. I will be here to assist you by actively listening, validating your truth, as well as offering you resources and healing practices that may be beneficial through this journey. In addition to energy healing,  we incorporate spiritual practices and holistic rituals to foster healing throughout the body.

We can create a package which will be specific to support you with honoring your process. We will also create a special gift in remembrance of your baby. 

Disclaimer: These processing session(s) does not take the place of mental health services from a licensed therapist or counselor.  I reserve the right to refer you to additional services, if I believe that specialized maternal mental health services are needed to assist with your healing.

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