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Shatia Owsley


From the time that I was a little girl, all I ever talked about was becoming a NICU nurse. However, after attending my first psychology class in college, I changed my major to social work and shifted gears on how I wanted to serve families. I found through my studies, I started on my own journey of self-discovery and healing. My world unraveled and revealed unresolved emotional trauma and anxiety. This terrified and intrigued me all at the same time.  I have learned that although one's journey of self-discovery and healing are rarely sophisticated and smooth; I devoted myself to diving deeper into more than just psychology. I welcomed the divine messages from the spiritual realm, through spiritual cleanses and meditation, physical activity (running and yoga), art and writing poetry. 

I was sacredly and wildly evolving.

I began to recognize that everything that I am and all that I do are all directly connected. Nothing is separate from anything or anyone. I furthered my knowledge of the mind-body-spirit connection by earning a Master’s degree in Health Education and Promotion from an integrative health university, focusing my two-year studies on creating a health education program (Healthy Bellies), educating women, especially black women on the benefits of physical activity during pregnancy. My professional journey has afforded me the opportunity to work with teen mothers, infants and children with complex medical dis-eases, as well as families with varying life transformations including pre-conception, pregnancy, the postpartum period and beyond. 

Over the years, through self-study, intimate moments of revelation and a plethora of certification training programs, I also have had the opportunity to learn from some of the most magical and divine birth workers and holistic health practitioners. They have become my mentors and sister-friends as they encouraged me to make my mark on the birth world in my own way. I started working with families as a birth doula; evolving my skills and presence, later referring to myself as an Independent Perinatal & Psychosocial Practitioner. For me it was so much easier than naming all of the individual certifications I received. That was the start of something beautiful.


My goal when working with any families is to listen, empower, educate and support them as they re-discover that they are the experts of their lives. I am only here as a supportive presence as they face the many adventures of living life on their own terms. I work with a community of amazing healers, holistic and western medical healthcare professionals and just plain magnificently dope women and men. 

We are in this life together…

Image by Mike Labrum
Image by Chelsea shapouri

Our time together is a partnership. I am  here as a supportive presence as you face the many adventures of living life on your own terms. I want you to know that as you continuously evolve, I am also committed to deepening my own transformation on this road of healing and expansion, through continued self-study, self-care rituals, ancestral traditions, training, thereby offering services that enhance the beauty that already lies within each and every one of us.

My life has truly evolved over the last few years. I am grateful for where I have come from and I am open for where the Divine is taking me. I continue to learn to let go, trust the process, embrace the true meaning of love and compassion, thus allowing me to receive and give love freely. 

Our road to healing is ongoing. Let us approach life together embracing the Intricate Darkness…as we walk towards our own Intuitive Light! 

Image by Anastasia Taioglou


Honor the Sacred. Embrace the Wild. & Stand Tall Through the Journey.

Shatia “The Sacred Wild Sunflower” Owsley

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