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What is Reiki?

Reiki (pronounced “ray-key”) is a tranquil and stunning form of energy healing. Reiki encompasses two Japanese words: Rei, meaning Universal; and Ki, which is Life Force Energy. Therefore, when put together Reiki means: Universal Life Force Energy. 


Reiki is a subtle healing practice that eases stress, brings  balance  to the system and engages the body’s natural rhythm. Reiki is a non-invasive healing technique where the Reiki practitioner is used as a vessel to channel the powerful and magnificent universal life force energy to a person, situation and/or an object. The energetic energy of Reiki is calm and wise, and is always intended for the highest good and healing of the person, situation and/or object. Reiki healing can assist the body mentally, emotionally and/or spiritually. Reiki is not specific to any religion and is open to any belief system. 


Reiki can be used alongside other conventional or complementary treatments and often enhances emotional support during recovery. 


All Reiki sessions can be offered in-person or from a distance via Zoom.  Distance Reiki is a technique that allows the practitioner to offer Reiki without the client being in the same room or geographic location. In-person and distance Reiki may include the use of meditative techniques, visual imagery, crystals, sound therapy and/or other rituals and practices. 

What to Expect During a Reiki Session?

As you are lying fully clothed on a massage table, the Reiki practitioner may place their hands lightly on distinctive points on your body, as in “laying on of hands” or hovering just above the body to channel energy from the Divine, Ascended Masters, your ancestors, angels and spirit guides. Reiki can also be done through distance healing as well. Holy Fire®  Reiki  energy moves through the body releasing emotional blockages, aligning your chakras, creating deeper relaxation, increasing healing, decreasing pain and empowers the body, mind and spirit to function in optimal health and wellness. 


Through creative exploration, together we will uncover any obstacles that may be holding you back from being the authentic YOU! We will  spend time honoring your gifts and talents, and learning how to strengthen them in order for you to live your best life. We will incorporate various methods of healing, such as:  guided meditation, yoga, art, psychic touch/ Reiki, aromatherpy, and other spiritual practices and rituals. 


 Many have described feeling lighter and deeply relaxed, and some fall asleep. Some have reported feeling cold, hot or tingling in certain parts of the body. In some instances, acute conditions, pain can fade or completely vanish. Other clients have stated that changes have occurred subtly and days after the session. Each person’s experience is different. Reiki energy works even if nothing special is noticeable to the client.

All energy healing sessions are customized based on the needs of the client.  Each session is 1.5 hours.

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What are the benefits of Reiki? 

Reiki enhances your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellness. Below are some of the benefits based on anecdotal research. 


On a physical level Reiki can decrease or eliminate pain, relax the body and increase its mobility, eliminate headaches and migraines, improve healing time, accelerate recovery after surgery and strengthen the immune system. It may also increase energy, rid the body of toxins, and increase the effect of any other treatment. 


Emotionally, Reiki can reduce or eliminate stress, reduce emotional instability, balance negative moods and emotions, such as anger, frustration, and fear. It can also help when one is coping from a traumatic experience or shock after a life change or loss. 


On a mental level, Reiki may help focus on goal realization, improve and enhance relationships, diminish or remove self-abusive or self-destructive behaviors, correct unwanted patterns and blocks (low-self-esteem, procrastination, etc.) as well as increase creativity. 


Reiki is also an amazing method to assist one on their spiritual journey.  

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When scheduling, indicate if you prefer in-person or distance healing. 


3- month &  6-month packages can also be created.

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