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Peace and Love!

Image by Daiga Ellaby

Hello Beautiful!

I am grateful that you decided to visit Indigo Womb Consulting™, LLC.

Your presence makes me possible and I am committed to providing you with the dopest experience as we take this magical journey towards healing and personal transformation. Understanding all that we are and will ever become, is interconnected with our ancestral history. My ultimate purpose is to encourage individuals and families to address and heal past wounds, in an effort to provide the next generation with a foundation of unconditional love. My approach to healing is to incorporate every aspect of one’s life, fostering a holistic path of sacred full-body healing of the mind, body and spirit. Whether you’re here for holistic maternal health support, a Reiki session or anything in between, know that I am here to serve, empower and support you on your journey. 

Image by Rebecca Peterson-Hall

"Do not get so comfortable wearing the masks of life that you forget your true essence comes when the masks are removed and your true light is allowed to shine."

  - The Sacred Wild Sunflower

What Clients Are Saying


Shatia did an excellent job at providing a safe space for healing, self reflection, and nurturing. She really helped lay the foundation for healing and addressing some generational traumas within my family. To this day, Shatia has served as my personal spiritual counselor and I’ve been forever changed since my first session!

- T. Thomas 

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